My Favorite Recipes

These are just some of those recipes that I LOVE!!! Also Smitten Kitchen always has something good around, so I'd check them out if nothing tickles your fancy here. 

Humus: So easy to make, and so many different varieties! 
typical ingredients:
1 can chickpeas
1lime or 1/2 one lemon what ever is around
cumin to taste (I tend to use around a table spoon, some times more)
garlic to taste (one or two cloves, but somedays I just can't get enough)
either tahini (about 1/2 cup) or about 1 tablespoon of sesame oil (we got a jar of Tahini that Seth didn't like so made this substitution )
yogurt if it's around 1/2 cup to make creamy
some oil and or water to help it blend, I use just a bit of olive oil
if I'm feeling spicy, a dash or so of chipotle chilli powder 

simplest - blend 1 can of chickpeas, citrus, cumin, garlic, a tablespoon of water and sesame oil in a blender until creamyish. Then serve with bread, or what ever, carrot sticks are quiet good. 

fancier - same as above but sub in the Tahini for the sesame oil, add in the yogurt, and a bit of the spice to taste

way out there - try throwing some roasted red peppers in there. not bad, or replace the chickpeas with a roasted eggplant and you've got instant baba ghanoush

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