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Another media oddity

If Rush Limbaugh is right that socialized health care will ruin our medical system, then why is medical tourism one of the fastest growing areas of tourism? Why are people finding it to be cheaper to fly to another continent, pay for a hotel, pay for the entire cost of the procedure, and then fly home then to get the procedure done in the states? It's thought that 750,000 Americans went to other countries in 2007 and about 1.5 million in 2008 for health care reasons. If we have the best health care system, why did so many Americans find it necessary to go to countries with nationalized healthcare in order to get treated? Why are the same procedures much cheaper in those countries?

in summary
American Health Care insurance cost (price you pay after insurance coverage) >> round trip plane ticket overseas + hotel + total price of procedure + follow up visits (either there or in the states since these aren't always covered by your insurance if the procedure was done some where else.)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How disgusting. I can't believe people can get away with saying things like this, then again I'd rather they be able to say this and me speak out against them then having my freedom of speech limited. It seems like the people in the media are very much against Obama's new budget and tax cuts. Maybe that's because they are all making more then the $250,000 a year tax bracket. Since I make over an order of magnitude less then that, and 95% of Americans make less then $250,000 a year, I think that this is a wonderful idea, tax us all according to our means. Don't let these rich men convince you that you are not going to receive a tax break, because I bet you will, most Americans are in that 95%, in fact only 5%, or about 17 million people (assuming 350 million Americans), aren't going to see that tax break, and guess who that includes...

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How to get a Lab Demonstrating Job

If you are a male student of any year with any qualifications

less then 1 week before classes start
LT (Lab guy who gives out jobs): Do you want a job we really need people.

Guy: Yes please,

LT: Sounds good how many can I put you down for? See you in class.

If you are a female PhD student with lots of background

End of last term
Gal: Can I put my name on the list for people interested in lab demonstrating?

LT: I don't know if you have the right back ground.

Gal: I'm a PhD student here and I have a double major in Math and Physics and a masters in Astrophysics and Planetary sciences.

LT: I don't know if you have ever done these labs before

Gal: We did (example of labs) in undergrad and I would be more then happy to come in early and go through them.

LT: We have had problems in the past with people not showing up and just lazying around instead of helping the students

Gal: I taught the tutorials last semester for 3rd year E&M, I was never late and I even held an extra class. I had great reviews from the students and the Prof. The students did extremely well on the test for the material that I had covered.

LT: I don't know if there will be enough labs to go around

Four weeks before classes

LT: Can you send us a brief history of your education and work experience since we don't know what your qualifications are?

Gal: (in e-mail)
I would like to be considered for Lab demonstrating. I have a degree in Physics and a degree in Math (and graduated from the Honors program and McNair Program) from Augsburg College as well as a masters in Astrophysics and planetary sciences from the University of Colorado Boulder. At Augsburg we had many lab classes including first year physics (2 semesters), electronics, modern physics lab, and a comprehensive lab (2 semesters) which includes many odds and ends like vacuum physics and working with CAD. The last project in each lab was one which we had to develop and construct our selves; for example, my first year lab was on determining the main factor in the manufacturing or wear of a violin which determines the sound quality of the instrument. In the Math department we had many labs using and learning Maple as well as octave. I've worked at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Sciences, The Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA, South West Research Institute, and Augsburg College where I did various forms of Space physics and planetary sciences research as well as some tutorials and lab demonstrating in both the Math and Physics Departments.

I taught the tutorials for 3rd year E&M last semester with Prof. Fred Menk, as well as tutorials at Augsburg for 1st year physics and calculus.


P.S. I've listed the websites of all the places I've mentioned above. If you would like to see copies of my research papers or would like contact info for those I've worked with in the states, please let me know and I'll forward them on. If you would like to chat about what was specifically involved in my course work or what I've taught please stop by p107 (soon to move to p105) or e-mail me any questions at email.

Augsburg college Physics department.

Augsburg College Math Department

Augsburg College Honors Program

Augsburg College McNair Program

University of Colorado Boulder APS department

LASP - Laboratory of Atmospheric and Space Physics

SWRI - Southwest Research Institute

JPL - Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA

LT: We're still not sure if there will be enough labs for you to get one.

one week before semester starts

Lecture: Just thought I'd let you know that they are running around begging for lab demonstrators incase you haven't heard yet if you have gotten one.

Gal: thanks nope I haven't heard yet

Friday before semester starts

LT: I've got you down for two labs, but I'd like you to go to a teachers training course

Gal: Okay Thanks

1st week of semester

Gal: Are you going to the teachers training course?

Guy (male grad student who went through the first scenario): No I've never heard of that.

If you are a female honors student

Gal: Any one out there? Hello? Can I get a lab please?